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It’s a known fact that the Real Estate business is a thriving business, which is why many people are diving into it, yet 87% of Real Estate agents fail within the first 5 years of being in the business! If you’re a Real Estate agent, and you’ve been in the business for some time, and you’re still not getting what you’re expecting, chances are you are one of the 87% that will most likely fail – if you don’t act now!

We will provide you with Motivated Seller leads up to 6 months before they are made public on the internet, MLS or any other source!

How do we do it? Simple…… We have spent millions of dollars developing a lead generation system that pulls all the public data electronically from the 3000 county courthouses in the United States. The data is then broken down into the categories of usefulness for real estate agents and real estate investors.

One of the most popular categories for real estate agents and real estate investors are Individuals with 2nd homes that owe little to nothing but have run into these problems:

  1. Difficult time renting the property and now it is a non-producing asset
  2. Property needs fixing up but the owner doesn’t have the funds and banks won’t loan on 2nd properties for repairs
  3. Property owner is an out of state owner and can’t manage property
  4. Owner inherited the property and doesn’t know what to do with it
  5. Divorce

Can you find this same data on your own?

Yes, this is how you would do it. You drive around your city and search for houses that look vacant. You would write the address down and go to your local county courthouse and search public records to find the owner. You would then search mortgage records to see what that owner owes on the property. 9 times out of 10 most properties you’ll find, the property owner owes more on the property than it is worth. So you just wasted 5-10 hours looking up one potential lead.

But, what if you had access to the only cutting-edge data base that can provide you with thousands of Motivated Seller leads with a click of a button? With the “List it Leads Program” you simply enter a city, zip code or county and you will find hundreds if not thousands of motivated sellers that own 2nd properties with high equity. Up to 95% of these motivated sellers haven’t been contacted by a real estate agent! In less than 60 seconds you could have access to hundreds if not thousands of these properties in your backyard.

Just to make this simple, you have a property owner that has a non-producing asset and they owe little to nothing on the property, this tells you they are most likely motivated to sell the property and you can negotiate a great deal. Now, if you are a real estate agent, you can be the listing agent for the property or take advantage of this great deal for yourself and build your own real estate investing business!

Let me show you how easy it is to get started…

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As Low as $1.99 per Motivated Seller Lead and Fulfillment


Motivated Seller Lead

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Testimonials from our clients.

I cannot believe it! I have been using Listitleads.com for several months now and I can't believe how many calls I am getting from people needing to sell! Thank you list it leads!

List it Leads has helped me so much! As a new real estate agent, finding listings can be tough. Your company has provided so many new opportunities for my business. So many phone calls! Thank you so much!

Your leads have been crucial to the success of my investing business in real estate by being able to find properties that do not have their information listed for sale. We have been able to build relationships with buyers and sellers through the leads that you have provided.
Thank you!