About Us

List It Leads can help you level the playing field, to where you can compete one on one with the big agents. We will show you how, only spending a few hundred dollars a month, you can still reach more motivated sellers than the big agents that are spending $5000-$10,000 a month!

This is why “List It Leads” is the most popular lead generating source for the average real estate agent

How do we do it? Simple…… We have spent millions of dollars developing a lead generation system that pulls all the public data electronically from the 3007 counties, 64 parishes, 11 census areas and 41 independent city courthouses in the United States along with other data sources. The data is then broken down into the categories of usefulness for real estate agents and real estate investors. This data is refreshed every few days.

One of the most popular Motivated Seller categories for real estate agents and real estate investors are Individuals with 2nd homes that owe little to nothing but have run into the following problems;

  • 1. Difficult time renting the property and now it is a non-producing asset
  • 2. Property needs fixing up, but the owner doesn’t have the funds and banks won’t loan on 2nd properties for repairs
  • 3. Property owner is an out of state owner and can’t manage property
  • 4. Owner inherited the property and doesn’t know what to do with it
  • 5. Divorce

What if you had access to the only cutting-edge data base that can provide you with thousands of these Motivated Seller leads with a click of a button? With the “List it Leads” program you simply enter a city, zip code or county and you will find hundreds if not thousands of motivated sellers that own 2nd properties with high equity and these motivated sellers almost certainly haven’t been contacted by a real estate agent. In less than 60 seconds you could have access to hundreds if not thousands of these properties in your backyard.